Floe RC Ultra 360 CPU & Memory AIO Liquid Cooler


The Floe RC Ultra incorporates powerful PWM radiator fans with a maximum speed of 2500 RPM, and is equipped with LCD displays for CPU and memory water blocks, giving users full control of performance monitoring and personalized visual effects

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Product Description

Exclusive All-In-One Design

Floe RC Ultra is an advanced high-quality all-in-one cooling solution for cooling down your CPU and memory simultaneously. The cooler includes high static pressure fans and 2 fully customizable LCD water block displays to monitor your PC performance anytime, allowing you to minimize overheating problems. Compatible with TOUGHRAM RC memory modules, the Floe RC Ultra provides a simple and intuitive way that grants users unparalleled cooling performance.

Note: Please note the Floe RC Ultra only pairs with TOUGHRAM RC memory modules (sold separately).


Exceptional Cooling Performance
Optimized for CPU and RAM cooling, the flow design runs through the CPU waterblock, radiator and then memory waterblock to achieve maximum cooling efficiency and thermal dissipation.
Temperature Comparison Temp℃
Fully Customizable with TT RGB Plus

Monitor frequency and real-time temperature directly from large LCD displays, and upload any images or GIFs to add extra flair with the TT RGB Plus 2.0 software.

Note: The Floe RC Ultra is only supported by TT RGB Plus 2.0.

Powerful 120mm PWM Radiator Fans
Equipped with the TOUGHFAN Turbo Series which come at a maximum operating speed of 2500 RPM, the Floe RC Ultra provides enhanced airflow for superb cooling performance.
High Efficiency Radiator
The Floe RC Ultra’s fin density is designed to accommodate high air volume (FPI: 19), improving cooling performance significantly when using its high static pressure fan to speed up heat dissipation.
High Performance Cold Plate
The high quality and reliable pump enables maximum water circulation, keeping the copper base plate continuously cool and accelerating heat conductivity.
High Reliability Pump
To avoid complicated plumbing, the Floe RC Ultra comes pre-filled with a low evaporation tube that can effectively decrease coolant evaporation.
Paired with TOUGHRAM RC
The Floe RC Ultra requires TOUGHRAM RC memory modules to pair with, the ICs are thoroughly-screened for optimal frequency and response times. On top of that, you can also monitor real-time temperature, frequency and performance.



The new version of Thermaltake’s TT RGB PLUS patented software, providing more lighting effects and PC monitoring functions.


TT RGB PLUS and TT RGB PLUS will overwrite one another; users can only install one version of TT RGB PLUS 1.0 or 2.0.

This product only supports TT RGB Plus 2.0.


We’ve Got Your Back!

The Floe RC Ultra offers a two year warranty for the water block, and the TOUGHRAM RC offers a limited lifetime warranty for the RAM.

Terms and conditions apply, please click on “LEARN MORE” for details.


*All images/videos are for reference only. Please refer to the product for precise appearance and light effects.

*Overclocking TOUGHRAM RC Memory has been tested on selected Intel DDR4 motherboards, please note that compatibility and performance may differ due to components variations in your hardware system.

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