SWAFAN_12_RGB_Radiator_Fan_1Black Labeled Standard Fan Blades can be used for air intake.Silver Labeled Reverse Fan Blades can be switched out for air exhaust.SWAFAN_12_RGB_Radiator_Fan_4SWAFAN_12_RGB_Radiator_Fan_5SWAFAN_12_RGB_Radiator_Fan_6

SWAFAN 14 RGB Radiator Fan (3-Fan Pack)


SWAFAN 14 RGB features a swappable fan blade design that allows you to switch between 2 types of fan blades included in the package, so you can create the ideal airflow for your chassis without compromising the aesthetics of its RGB lighting.

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Weight 1.3656 lbs
Dimensions 18.4 x 18.2 x 14.9 in


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